Your child should continue to receive annual check-ups during their teen years.  We generally see children through college but will often recommend transitioning to an internist during that time.

This stage of your child's growth and development requires continued monitoring and education.  Heights, weights, lab tests and hearing/vision screenings are performed and it is a time that the patient can discuss other concerns directly with their doctor.  An additional Tuberculosis test is given to patients entering high school, and a meningococcal vaccine is given prior to starting college. 

We recommend printing out the brochures below as they provide some guidance as your child goes through the puberty stage:

Puberty Handout for Girls

Puberty Handout for Boys

At age 18, as your child is now a legal adult, we treat them as such, and they are given a form to authorize the sharing of medical information with their parents if they so choose.

Common Questions

I am not sure whether to call a doctor or not?

Handling acute illnesses after hours is a major challenge in pediatrics. After Hours Parent Care offers clinical algorithms developed by experts in pediatric care to help parents determine when it is necessary to contact the doctor.