Flu Shots for age 3 and older are here!

Date: August 9, 2017

We received our first shipment of flu shots and we have schedules open to make appointments for children who are age 3 and older.  Our infant shot supply has not yet arrived so we are not pre-booking for that age group (6 months to 35 months) until we have supply.  Please watch our website and newsletters for updates! 

If your child (3 and older)  is not due for a check-up within the next few months, please call for a separate appointment for a flu shot.  Otherwise it will be given at the well-visit. 

PLEASE NOTE:  Just like last year, there will be NO FLUMIST administered this year.  This is the nasal-spray version of the flu vaccine and it is not being manufactured in time for us to give it this flu season.