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  • Sep 12 2017
    We are now offering evening pre-natal /newborn classes for expectant parents! The classes will be in group format on selected dates, one per month, at our new billing office which has conference room space. Details are below: Time: 7:30pm Next dates: 11/1/17 and 12/7/2017 Location: 26 Franklin Street, Tenafly. This is the building to the immediate left of our medical building. Please park in the spaces to the left of the building. We are on the first floor. The physicia... details
  • Sep 12 2017
    Please call your primary office location to schedule a flu shot for your child age 6 months and older, or if you have a check-up scheduled within the next few months you will be offered the shot at that time. ... details
  • Sep 8 2017
    Penicillin is an inexpensive, first-line antibiotic. Many of the antibiotics that are used instead of penicillin are more expensive, broad-spectrum antibiotics that come with a lot more side effects and also can increase instances of antibiotic resistance. In the past, a mild rash or diarrhea after taking penicillin often resulted in a diagnosis of allergy. However, doctors found that after testing 100 children who had reported having an allergy to penicillin but who were at a low risk for trul... details
  • Jun 30 2017
    Park Ridge now has a Walk-In Hour for sick visits at 8:30am to 9:30am, Monday through Friday. Please be aware this is for common illnesses only (sore throats, fever, ear pain, etc). Every office location now has a Walk-In hour to start the day, all at 8:30am except for Paramus which is open at 8:00am. We hope you find this a convenient option when you wake up early to a sick child! ... details