Frequently Asked Questions

What insurance do you accept?

Click Here to find out which insurance companies we participate with.

Which doctors work at the office near my home?

Some of our physicians work at more than one office, others work in one location.
To see who works in the office nearest you, please Click Here

Where are you located?

We are located in both Bergen County, Passaic County, and Hudson County, and with ten office locations you are a short drive away to any one of our offices.  Please Click Here for a complete list of locations and contact information.

Do you have separate waiting rooms for the sick and the well patients?

Yes! Each office has a spacious waiting room and every office has a separate area designated for sick children and well children.

I'm not sure whether to call a doctor or not?

Handling illnesses after hours is a major challenge in pediatrics. The Parent Care resource is a link on our website which provides an excellent resource for those questions you may have when your child is experiencing symptoms.  You are always free to contact us with any questions if you still feel uncertain or have questions which this resource does not address. 

What is the schedule for well visits and vaccinations?

Our website has a page that lists the entire schedule of well visits and vaccinations.  
You can quickly go to this page by Clicking Here.  
You can also print out a chart that includes the diseases the immunizations protect against by Clicking Here

When is the best time to start toilet training my child?

This question is best answered by watching Dr. Larry Stiefel’s toilet training video by Clicking Here.