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Not sure whether you need to call the doctor or not? Handling acute illnesses after hours is a major challenge in pediatrics. Parent Care offers clinical algorithms developed by experts in pediatric after-hours care to help parents determine when it is necessary to contact the doctor or call center.
You can find our Parent Care page by clicking here: Parent Care

General Information

American Academy of Pediatrics  (
Baby’s First Year                                (Website on Newborns 0-1)
Car Seat Guidelines                          (Car Seat Recommendations)
Childproofing Your Home                (Childproofing Your Home)
General Kids Health Information    (KidsHealth)
Developmental Milestones              (
Introducing Solid Foods                  (Solid Foods Article)
Baby Food Advice/Plane Travel     (Travel and Feeding)

Vaccine Information

Center for Disease Control              (CDC – Vaccines)
Vaccine Safety                                  (Institute for Vaccine Safety)
Vaccine Information                        (Vaccine Education Center)
Travel Guidelines Resource 1         (CDC – Travel)
Travel Guidelines Resource 2         (Red Planet – Travel)

Food Safety

Environmental Protection Agency (EPA.GOV)
Food Allergy Resource                    (


Pollen and Spore Levels                 (Information)
Food Allergy Resource                    (


Consumer Product Safety              (
Food Recalls                                     (FDA Safety Recalls)
Food & Drug Administration           (


Breastfeeding Information             (Breastfeeding) (Women’s Health)
Breastfeeding Support                    (La Leche League)
Breastfeeding/Caffeine                  (LaLeche League International)
Breastfeeding/Marijuana               (CDC website)
Breastfeeding/Alcohol                  (CDC website)


Grief Counseling

Valley Journey’s Program (Journey’s Brochure)

Help for Autism

The Institute for child development at the Joseph Sanzari Children’s Hospital at the Hackensack University Medical Center has initiated a ‘Medical Home for Autism‘.  The ‘Medical Home‘ establishes partnerships between patients, clinicians, workshops, support groups and resources for children with autism and their families.  The “Medical Home” acts as a central source of health and wellness for the whole family, providing leading edge care.

Tenafly Pediatrics will be active participants in this important and needed initiative.  If you click the link below you will see information about some of the services and programs that are available.  You can also call the Institute for more information at 551-996-2256.

Videos From Our Physicians at Tenafly Pediatrics

'Nosebleeds' by Dr. Darren Saks

'Sleep Training' by Dr. Sheryl Jawetz

'Dry Drowning/Secondary Drowning'
by Dr. Robert Jawetz

'Toilet Training' by Dr. Larry Stiefel

'Vomiting' by Dr. Michael Smith

'Burns' by Dr. Erin Lindenberg

'Poison Ivy' by Dr. Sunmee Kim

'Ear Infections' by Dr. Robert Jawetz

'The Flu' by Dr. Aviva Schein

'Sore Throats' by Dr. Robert Jawetz