Parent Care for Pediatric Symptoms Disclaimer

Welcome to Parent Care for Pediatric Symptoms. This resource is designed to help you obtain information regarding various childhood illnesses and injuries, and to help you make appropriate decisions for your children’s care when they are ill or injured. It provides information about health conditions, how to recognize them, and what causes them. Most importantly, the information can help you to decide what to do about your child’s medical problem and whether or not to call the doctor. Parent Care for Pediatric Symptoms also gives you practical information about how to make your child more comfortable at home when that is an appropriate course of action, and how to recognize when things may be getting worse and your child needs to see a medical professional.

If your child appears very ill or badly injured, do not use Parent Care. Seek medical attention immediately by calling 911 or going to the nearest emergency room.

We hope that you find Parent Care to be a useful resource. Although it has been reviewed by many pediatric specialists, the guidelines available may not apply to every situation. Here are some important considerations: If your physician provides you with advice that differs from the advice presented here, follow your physician; he or she is more familiar with your child and your child’s medical needs. If you are unable to find a guideline that applies to your child’s condition, or are unsure about which guideline applies, call your physician. And finally, please remember that Parent Care provides suggested parent responses only. If you feel most comfortable calling your physician even when the guidelines indicate it is probably not necessary, please feel free to call.

Please read the statement below and if you agree with it, click the “I Accept” link to begin using Parent Care for Pediatric Symptoms.

I understand that Parent Care for Pediatric Symptoms is provided as an information resource to help educate me about certain pediatric illnesses and conditions and to help me make decisions about caring for my child. It is not a substitute for medical advice from my child’s physician.  My child’s physician disclaims any responsibility for any harm or damage associated with the use of this information.