School Age (6-12)

We recommend annual checkups throughout the school age years.

Immunizations are given at age 10 or 11 as well as the HPV at age 12.  Labs are performed including urinalysis, hemoglobin and cholesterol.  These lab tests are performed in-house or you can go to an outside lab if you choose (your insurance company may not cover in-house labs).

We continue to monitor hearing and vision, growth and development and social development.  Puberty is discussed during the later years of this stage, and the HPV vaccine is also discussed at age 12.  The HPV vaccine protects against viruses that lead to oral, throat, anal, and genital cancers.

Common Questions:

I am not sure whether to call a doctor or not?

Handling acute illnesses after hours is a major challenge in pediatrics. The Parent Care resource offers clinical algorithms developed by experts in pediatric care to help parents determine when it is necessary to contact the doctor.